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The WVHIN Portal stands as a secure, web-based gateway to all WVHIN tools for participating organizations. Offering streamlined access, it ensures security through two-factor authentication upon login. The WVHIN Dashboard consolidates all of the WVHIN tools in one accessible location on the Home Page, allowing credentialed users to swiftly launch applications an perform patient searches efficiently.


Patient Snapshot is a summary view of key patient data available through the WVHIN Portal. From the Patient Snapshot, users can easily navigate to other WVHIN applications to view additional information.


InContext, also known as “Clinical Information,” is a convenient tool that care teams can use to access thier patient’s clinical information directly from the electronic health record(EHR). Using InContext directly from the EHr, users are authenticated and presented with their patient’s information without accessong a seperate system and patient search.

ENS Alerts

The Encounter Notification Service(ENS) offers a user-friendly interface, granting access to near real-time notifications and patient information related to healthcare encounters, encompassing inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and urgent care visits.