WVDirect is a simple, encrypted messaging solution for health care providers. Essentially secure email, subscribing to WVDirect allows health care providers to quickly share messages and health information needed to provide patient care.

Features of WVDIRECT

  • No Electronic Health Record (EHR) system or special software to purchase
  • Familiar user interface and functions
  • Access to WVDirect services via web browser
  • Ability to integrate WVDirect into an existing email client (i.e. MS Outlook)
  • No fees to pay or cost incurred if you already have an internet connection
  • External email notification that you have a WV Direct message

Benefits to Providers

1. Electronically Send and Receive Patient Information Quickly and Securely
  • Rely less on paper records sent via fax or delivered by mail or courier
2. Allows Your Organization to securely message and meet requirements for MIPS Advancing Care Information (ACI) and Meaningful Use
  • Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals participating in incentive payment programs can use WVDirect to meet many requirements under MIPS and Meaningful Use.
  • The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, Office of Epidemiology and Prevention Services receives WVDirect transmissions for required public health reporting on the following:
    • Syndromic Surveillance
    • Electronic Lab Results
    • Immunization Registry

Become a Subscriber

Joining the trusted community of health care providers using WVDirect is a simple process. Each subscriber must complete the following steps for registration:

  • Health care Providers must complete the WVHIN Participation Agreement
WVHIN Participation Agreement
  • Health care Providers should also review the WVDirect registration requirements for Organizations and Individuals.
Registration Requirements for Organizations

To Subscribe to WVDirect as an Organization you must …

      • Be a Healthcare Organization that has an NPI number in the CMS NPPES Database
      • This information must be up to date including the Organization’s NPI Number and Current Fax Number.
      • Provide services to West Virginia patients.
      • Be licensed to do business in the state of West Virginia and be able to provide a copy of your current business license.
      • Complete a WVHIN Participation Agreement and associated attachments.
      • Have a connection to the internet (Broadband access is preferred but not required).
      • Identify a Designated Contact who will be responsible for approving individuals registering under the organization (if applicable).
Registration Requirements for Individuals

To Subscribe to WVDirect as an Individual you must …

      • Be affiliated with a Healthcare Organization that has already registered for WVDirect.
      • Be an individual that has an NPI number in the CMS NPPES Database.
      • This information must be up to date including the Organization’s NPI Number and Current Fax Number.
      • Have access to the Fax machine number listed in the CMS NPPES Database for verification purposes.
      • Be licensed to do practice in the state of West Virginia and be able to provide a copy of your current business license.
      • Complete a WVHIN Participation Agreement and associated attachments.
      • Have a connection to the internet (Broadband access is preferred but not required).
      • Be approved by the Healthcare Organization’s Point of Contact (POC) as being affiliated with the given registered organization.
  • Health care Providers will be credentialed, verified, and trained by a representative of the WVHIN
  • Health care Providers may begin using WVDirect

Frequently Asked WVDirect Questions

Any member of a WVHIN participating organization can receive a WVDirect address at no additional charge

Any type of data used for healthcare purposes can be exchanged. This may include referrals, patient summaries, insurance information, lab results and more.

Yes. Files sent via WVDirect can be no larger than 10MB.

WVDirect is a great tool for facilitating the care transition process. Below are some practical uses for WVDirect.

    • Primary Care Provider & Hospital Communications

Primary Care Provider (PCP) refers patient to the hospital for observation or a scheduled surgery. PCP uses WVDirect to send the hospital the patient’s pertinent clinical information. The patient is discharged from the hospital and hospital uses WVDirect to send discharge information back to PCP.

    • Lab Orders & Results

A provider orders a lab on a patient using WVDirect. The lab sends the lab results back to the ordering care provider using WVDirect.

    • Patient Communications

Provider sends a clinical summary of an office visit to a patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR) using WVDirect. Patient logs in to PHR to access information.

A Direct User Quick Start Guide guide will be given to you, showing you how to use the system.

The Implementer’s Guidelines below offer step-by-step suggestions to assist implementers in making WVDirect work for you and your organization. These recommended guidelines will assist you in coordinating the use of WVDirect with your data trading partners.

Implementer Guidelines

This is anyone with whom your organization shares protected health information
1. Process Selection 1. Identify a process within your organization that will provide greater benefit through the electronic exchange of patient data (i.e. referral process, receipt of discharge summaries, lab resulting, etc).
2. Trading Partners

1. Identify all data trading partners and invite them to use WVDirect for your intended data exchange purpose.

2. Thoroughly discuss with your trading partners the scope of their needed involvement

3. Obtain clinical and/or administrative buy-in at each partner organization.

3. Workflow for Data Sharing

Map out the workflow for using WVDirect to exchange data from the “As Is” to the “To Be.” Consider:

  • How will patient data get to the WVDirect system – scanned and attached or through your electronic health record system?
  • Who will use WVDirect accounts to send data?
  • Who will use WVDirect accounts to receive data?
  • What are the goals?
4. Performance Measurement

Based on your goals, measure performance. Consider:

  • Have you saved time, money using WVDirect?

When you receive a WVDirect message, you will automatically receive a notification email to the email account you listed when your WVDirect account was created. For most WVDirect subscribers, this email address is your primary work email account. The notification you receive will serve as an alert that you have an important WVDirect message needing your attention.

To locate a directory of accounts, login to your WVHIN Direct account at https://direct.wvhin.org/portal. Click ‘Directory’ at the top of the screen, then click ‘Search.’ On the right-hand side, apply filters to specify your search criteria. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Search.’ You will see a list of users with Direct secure emails accounts matching your search criteria.